Have you ever wondered what overlanding is? Overlanding is defined as self-reliant, vehicle based, overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. This goal is at the heart of every LSO run. LSO runs typically span multiple days and multiple states that cover hundreds of miles mostly off highway. Want to see what you will experience on an LSO run? Check out some of the pics below.

Bridges?.....We don't need no stinkin' bridges!!

Actually, here at LSO, we love old bridges and the history behind them.  We often go out in search of these old relics of our past to get a glimpse of what it might have been like back in the day.  This pic was from a day run South of Muenster, TX in October.  Go check out the rest of our pics of our day run here or go out to our Facebook page.

LSO Headliner Patch Bundle - "The Original" and "State"

What is better than one LSO patch? How about 2 LSO patches in 1. We have combined the best of both worlds and created the LSO Headliner Patch Bundle. The LSO Patch bundle includes “The Original” and Oval “State” patch. Each Lone Star Overland patch in this bundle comes with Velcro backing that makes it easy to stick to the headliner of your overlanding rig, vest, etc.  Go out to the LSO Store and get yours today and show everyone that you are part of the LSO crew.

XOverland Season 3: South America Season Premiere

The LSO Crew was lucky enough to get invited to the XOverland Season 3: South America Premiere last Friday.   A good bunch of guys on the XOverland team and got to hang out with some old friends.  To check out the rest of our photos of the Series Premiere here or go out to our Facebook Page.

Breaking The Ice - The Best of the 12v Fridges

Portable 12v Fridge/Freezers are a must on overland trips to keep your food from spoiling and your beverages ice cold.  This write up and comparison of Offroad 12v fridges by Pat Williams is a definite must read if you are considering purchasing one.

NASA Command Center

Some of the tools that I use for navigation.
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Black Bear Pass

LSO members, Mike Frisbee and Jeremy Childress on the steps coming down Black Bear Pass near Telluride in August 2018.  This is by far one of our most favorite trails in Colorado.

Water Crossing near Cloudy, Oklahoma

After days of torrential downpours in Southeastern Oklahoma, the LSO Crew set out on a scouting run to find trails.  We knew that water crossings would be high, but nothing prepared us for what we were in for.  In this short vid, LSO members navigate a water crossing in trying to find away around other high water crossings.